Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

Conder ASP, WPL, Bio Pure, Biodigester, Vortex, etc. These are all types of Activated Sludge Process plant. The sludge is in the section called the biological treatment section, foul sewage is received at the first stage called the Primary treatment, at this stage the solids are settled out and the the process moves to the second stage. There are normally two types of second stage, one of these being biological filter type and the other being activated sludge. The difference between the two are as follows. Biological is where the primary treated sewage is sprayed over a type of filter where naturally occurring bugs form and as the sewage passe through the filter, the bugs remove the ammonia. The second type is Activated sludge. this is where the primary treated sewage is pumped with air. The natural oxygen in the air provides the bugs with oxygen, the food in the primary treated sewage provides them with food. The bugs then evolve very quickly, the process is great for rapid removal of ammonia.

Package domestic plants need to be serviced on a regular basis. The most important part is the remove the sludge. Commonly known as de sludgeing. If the sludge is not removed then over time it will become septic, thus causing the bugs to be poisoned and die, resulting in no treatment and an expensive bill to get the plant back up and performing .

Sewage Treatment Plant Servicing

Our engineers has over 30 years experience in treatment. We provide the full package from desludgeing using our tankers and servicing of the plants parts and process.

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Sewage treatment plant service