Pump Station Cleaning

Pump Station Cleaning

Pump Station Cleaning…

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Pump Station wash down

Sewage pumping stations if not cleaned over a very short time will start to form a ¬†build-up of ‘non-biological’ matter which floats and forms a layer on the surface of the sump.

Overtime this build-up can disable float-switches operating the level control. this can lead to the station failing and the flooding of land and property. A poorly maintained station is an accident waiting to happen. Rag build up can be drawn in to the pumps causing them to block and fail. Again increasing the chances of flooding. Fat and grease are also a common nasty in stations. Overtime this can also build up and cause major problems

Cleaning of the sump is typically carried out with a regular service of the station.

If you have a pump station domestic or commercial owned and you feel it may require a well deserved clean then please feel free to contact us on 0123 390 391.

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